Imperial Sugar Legacy

Our rich history began in Southeast Texas in 1843 as the Oakland Plantation. The plantation's sugar crop had grown large enough to justify the installation of a commercial raw sugar grinding mill, establishing the site of the future Imperial Sugar Company in Sugar Land, Texas. The plantation continued to grow and increase its output of raw sugar to the surrounding regions. By 1883, a 600-ton raw sugar mill was completed and named the "Imperial Mill." In 1896, construction began on a cane sugar refinery in Sugar Land to convert the mill's raw sugar output to 100,000 pounds per day of white refined sugar.

Shortly after the turn of the century, the primary plantations of Sugar Land were purchased by the Kempner family, an affluent and well-respected family who had established themselves in the area. After the purchase, the Kempner family transferred the title of those properties to a private company they had formed, the Imperial Sugar Company. Soon thereafter, the Imperial Sugar Company was incorporated.

Our new corporation steadily grew through the war years and saw many changes: the pre-packaging of sugar for growing consumer use, the development of offshore raw sugar crops, and supplying U.S. military troops abroad.

At the end of the second World War, our plant underwent a $4 million renovation, resulting in production of nearly 2,500,000 pounds of sugar per day.

Millions of households across Texas and the Southeast came to embrace the Imperial Sugar brand and the qualities it stood for: consistent baking performance, the highest quality, and a legacy of being the only brand of sugar that made Grandma's recipes right. To this day, these are the same things for which customers look to Imperial Sugar.


Today, we are headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas and operate refinery facilities in Savannah, Georgia and Gramercy, Louisiana. Our refineries supply pure cane sugar under both the Imperial Sugar and Dixie Crystals brands. But more, importantly, they supply the same quality sugar households have relied on for more than 160 years. It's more than sugar.


It's your sugar.

For more information on Imperial Sugar or the history of Sugar Land, please visit The Old Sugar Land Clubhouse blog, "A blog for old timers, plus their friends and family, who are linked by memories of Sugar Land and its schools, or have an avid interest in the history of Sugar Land."


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